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Interpreting the New Testament with Studies in the Epistles and Revelation

(8 weeks, 9 videos with 18 hours of lectures)


I am so excited to be with you in this course. The course is split into two 8-week courses:

NT1: Interpreting the NT 1 with Studies in the Gospels and Acts
NT2: Interpreting the NT 2 with Studies in the Epistles and Revelation.

My prayer is that you will be totally transformed in your understanding of the New Testament. God’s word is powerful and has the power to change you in every capacity!

I pray that the Holy Spirit does deep work in your life as you read the New Testament, journal your learning, and follow along with the video lectures. I also pray that you will fall more in love with Jesus, God’s word, and the Kingdom of God. Finally, I pray that you will be freshly empowered in every way.

This course is designed for the Global Awakening College of Ministry and the Colorado Kingdom School but is also available for purchase without any group interaction of the 8-10 hours of additional teaching material on how to study the Bible.

College of Ministry students must register with Global Awakening College of Ministry and once registered you will receive a code to take this course for free.

Prerequisite: Interpreting the New Testament 1 with Studies in the Gospels and Acts.

In this course, you are assigned to read the New Testament from Romans to Revelation. Concurrently, you will listen to a series of nine video lectures that walk you through their core content chapter by chapter. These lectures pause on the applicative content of many key stories as we unpack the core emphasis of each book.

  • Buried in these books of the New Testament is a theology discipleship, spiritual gifts, eschatology, pastoral leadership, and core doctrines of the faith.
  • During this course, you will be given teaching on how to interpret the New Testament during the times of first-century Israel and the Mediterranean world.
  • You will learn how to observe, interpret, and apply the Scriptures from an ancient near eastern perspective, in its historical-cultural context, and from the prophetic and revelatory aspect of the inspired text.
  • This course builds on NT 1 and we go deeper with how to do more detailed word studies and cultural analyses of the times.
  • All video lectures emphasize personal application to life as a Christian today and we often make declarations and pray into personally appropriating what we are learning in God’s Word.

The Global Awakening College of Ministry students have the benefit of online student discussion posts with responses to questions posed by Dr. Young and interaction with other students and Dr. Young on a weekly Zoom call where questions and insights from each week are processed and a significant amount of extra teaching material on how to study the Bible (Hermeneutics) is presented. We would highly recommend this option rather than an independent purchase for the additional material and the value of group interaction.

The NT 2 Course, with 9 video lectures is listed below:

The following books are highly recommended for this course. To order, click on the book cover or the title to be taken to our Bookshop, or to our Recommended Books Page.