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8. The Gospel of Luke 1-13

Hi, everybody. Welcome to the New Testament class on Luke. So, you’re really going to enjoy reading this book. Hopefully you’ve already taken a chance to read it. if you’ve not, as we start this video on Luke, I’m going to encourage you to read your study Bible introduction.

By the way I live in Colorado, you’re seeing a, just a screenshot behind me. I was just at a retreat in the mountains with our, team, our leadership team at our church. And that was a picture taken a couple of days ago. So, hope you enjoy the look of that. That’s called Byers Peak in the background.

Look at your study Bible introduction on Luke. I’ve got my Bible in front of me and just take a little bit of time to look through that. Read it. you will be reading in this first section of the video, Luke chapter one, all the way through Luke 13.

We’ll stop there. and so take your time. You should be looking at maybe, at most, a couple hours of reading on that. I’m going to try to keep these videos a little shorter than I have been and a little less deep. And so, go ahead and do that. Let me pray for you in your reading time with Luke.

“Lord, we thank you for the gospel of Luke. We thank you that it is an amazing gospel about Jesus as the Son of Man. And I pray Lord that you would cause us to grow deeper in our love for you in our relationship with Jesus. I pray Lord that as we read this, we’d actually fall more in love with Jesus. We thank you, Lord. He was the champion of the outcast of women, of those that were not accepted in the community. And we just bless everyone. As we study the Scripture together in the glow. I feel the presence there, the gospel of Luke.”
“So Lord let the Holy Spirit write on the words. Jump off the pages, speak to us as we read together.”

Luke. All right, God, bless you. Take your time. Find the spot on the video when you’re ready and you can review the introduction.

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