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7. The Gospel of John 8-21

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. So we’re going to pick up at John 7, we’re going to finish off this video, the entire book of John. 

So let’s pray, let’s invite the Holy Spirit. 

“Holy Spirit. We thank you for the Word of God. We thank you that you breathed it, that you carried along the authors and that you heard what Jesus was speaking, and you moved authors to write that down. We thank you that it’s living and active and that it can change our lives. It can discern our hearts and we submit under the word today. We ask for your power, your grace, as we study together, Lord, let there be a blessing on the remaining time we have in the Gospel of John in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

So you need to have your Bibles with you. I’ll turn to chapter 7 in John, and, we don’t need to give a lot of introductions here because you’ve already read these. Let’s have you just review your notes in your note-taking manual on chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Take a moment to do that. Maybe if you’ve made notes in your Bible, pull that open, just skim them really quickly, and we’ll go right into the lecture, and pick up where we left off at John seven. 

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