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6. The Gospel of John 1-7

Well, hello everybody. I hope you’re doing wonderfully. We’re going to be talking about the gospel of John, chapters, 1 to 11 in this video. So excited to do this with you. 

I will be keeping my comments a little shorter. I realized it was fairly long on the videos for Mark and Matthew. I did that with some intention. Obviously those two gospels are a lot of passion for me, but some of the intention was to really almost, if you will, blow your mind initially. There is just so much more in the Scriptures than we may see on the surface. 

But now we’re going to sort of dial that back down a little bit, be a little bit more on the surface level. The exegetical notes that you have in your manual will go a lot deeper. You’ll be able to explore things in there at deeper levels, but I, I feel it’s appropriate to, keep it a little bit, a little bit faster on this since it’s been, it’s a lot, a lot of videos to view otherwise.

You need your Bible open to John chapter one. you should read your study Bible introduction on John. read about the theology of John. Also, maybe the outline that you see there, that they present, maybe the key themes that they state that I’m not going to spend any time on the author or the date, it’s written late in the, in the first century. we’re talking 85 to 95, 80 somewhere in that timeframe I opt for the late eighties. And, it’s the apostle John who’s one of the original 12. 

So we’ll have that then get your exegetical notes. Also open to John chapter one. In this first segment, what I want you to be reading is the study Bible introduction and then read chapters one through chapter four, and we will stop there. 

So read the first four chapters of John, then we’ll do the other chapters a little bit later. So that should take you about an hour to read it, take some notes, think about it, read this so forth. And when you’re done with reading that, come on back to this video and we’ll do the introduction to John and the first four chapters.

I hope you’re reading has gone successfully. And, I just bless that I should have prayed for you before you got out there. We’ll pray for this teaching time. 

“So Father, we thank you for your Word. As I say, always it’s living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword. I thank you that the words on these pages are inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit rides on the words. And so Lord, we ask that your Spirit would empower us, would strengthen us, and open our eyes to this word. We prayed that it would hit us smart today that You would open our eyes to the Scriptures. We just invite your presence. We invite you Holy Spirit. Our hearts are open. We are hungry to receive in Jesus’ name. Amen.” 

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