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5. The Gospel of Matthew

Hello, how is everybody? I hope you’re enjoying our time and studying the New Testament. And it’s Dr. Peter Young here. And just so thrilled to be a part of doing this. 

We are in the gospel of Matthew on this video, and we are working our way through the gospels. Then there will be Acts, and then the rest of the New Testament. 

So you’ll need your Bible to Matthew open. We’ll do the same format we’ve been doing. You’ll have a short lecture introduction on the video. Then you will spend some time reading and, you will come back after that reading time, reading and study taking notes in your, either your word document or the paper manual, thinking through the questions that are in there. And it’s a little lighter on the questions than it was in Mark, and you’ll be spending time doing that. And then when you feel like you’re finished with that portion of the study, and it’s convenient, you’ll come back and listen to a lecture related to that reading.

I’m hitting some deep topics. I’m introducing new concepts, things like the Chiasm, the way things are structured. I’m giving you a perspective, some of you have been through Bible college. Some of you have had, various degrees. You may have years of history in reading the scriptures. My hope is to bring a slightly different perspective to stretch and to create a real learning environment that you’ve not had. 

So let’s pray as we start, we are going to be doing a real short lecture here on the flow of the gospels and the introduction to Matthew. Then you’ll do reading and we’ll go from there. 

“So Holy Spirit, we thank you for the word of God. We thank you that it’s living and active and sharper than a two-edged sword. I thank you that Jesus said, My words are Spirit and they are life. I thank you that the Spirit is going to ride on the word. It’s going to jump off the pages of the scripture as we read. It will be on the words. I just pray, anoint me as I lecture, as I actually opened the scriptures and look at the pages that you would highlight, but we need to hear in the season because we don’t have time to go through verse by verse everything. And so Holy Spirit, would You lead us Father, would you unpack the beauty and the majesty of the Word. Would there be weight and authority on what we read in Matthew in this particular lecture. And we thank you for Your presence. We invite You to come. We pray for a Spirit of Revelation, and we just asked for an impartation each week of increased revelation as we read the scriptures. We thank you for this in Jesus name. Amen.”

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