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3. Introduction to the New Testament

Well welcome everybody. Peter Young here again, where, we are in the heartbeat of the New Testament. This is video number three. And so let’s pray together as we begin this lecture.

And, you will need for this lecture, your How to Study the Bible manual. This whole lecture will be on several pages in that manual. I’ll highlight those pages. We’ll bring up just the thing, but you’ll take notes. You’ll view those pages yourself, and you should skim those beforehand.


“So Father, we thank you for your word. Thank you for the power of the gospel to save. We thank you that for the power of the word, to create the universe and to hold the world together, we thank you for the power of the word to change our hearts and to work in our lives. And so Lord, as we approach this time together on this video, we ask that you would speak to us and give us clarity of revelation that the power of the Holy Spirit would hover over us and that your spirit would ride on the words to bring us into life. We thank you in the strong name of Jesus. Amen.”

This is the heartbeat in the New Testament where, in this lecture, we learn about the Spirit and power of God’s word in the understanding Eastern literature.

So we will cover the spiritual nature of the power of the Word, the role of revelation, inspiration, how the Holy Spirit interacts with the word.

The following books are highly recommended for this course. To order, click on the book cover or the title to be taken to our Bookshop, or to our Recommended Books Page.