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13. Romans

Hello everybody. So good to see you and trust you’re enjoying reading the Scriptures and getting through the New Testament.

We now are in the letters from Paul and we’re hitting the crown jewel of his letters, the book of Romans. And after that, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, very, very key books in his writings.

Romans being probably the most famous. Most of you probably heard sermons on Romans. Actually. Romans is how I received Christ. I was in a Baptist church in my early years while I was in college. And someone was preaching verse by verse through Romans. And by the time I got to Romans eight every week that they’d had an alter call to get saved. And by the time I got to Romans chapter eight, somewhere in the middle, I was convinced and I received Christ. So this is a glorious book. It’s one of my favorites, very heady, lots to think about tremendous concepts regarding salvation.

Please note: I’d like you to read Romans chapters 1 to 8 before you watch this segment of the video.


“Holy Spirit, we thank you for the book of Romans. We thank you for Paul’s theology of salvation for the clarity in which you wrote about salvation. We invite you Holy Spirit to speak to us. I pray that you quicken this into our spirits that we would hear with spiritual ears and see with spiritual eyes. We are grateful Lord for the power of the Holy Spirit, unpack the word and the reason for which it was sent.”

“Send your anointing upon us, send your Holy Spirit. May there be many teachable moments as we unpack this for the next 90 minutes or so Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

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