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11. Acts 10-28

Well, hello, everyone. Good to see you again. Good to see you again. We’re finishing up Acts starting in chapter 10 through the remainder of the book. 

We’ll skip a good part of chapters 21 through 28. and just highlight a few principles. I’m only asking you to read Acts chapter 10 through 20. 

If you’ve not read these chapters now this would be the time to do that is to read those. And so let me pray for your reading and also for our time of lecture that follows that.

“Holy Spirit, we thank you for your grace that is mediated through the Word. We thank you for the power that comes through the Word. We’re asking you to speak to us through the Book of Acts. As we continue our survey through the New Testament, Lord, please highlight things that we need to hear that will be helpful in our ministries that will enlighten us. And I pray Lord that you would have both courage and encounters released. It feels like that’s the agenda for these chapters, as well as the Spirit of evangelism, for us in this time together, as we read and then share directly out of the scriptures. We thank you for this in the name of Jesus. Amen.” 

All right. So we’re ready for our lecture. If you’ll open your Bibles to Acts chapter 10, and I actually am going to give a brief review that just kind of catches us up with some of the concepts in Acts. What’s happened so far is the Holy Spirit has come. Jesus spoke that after his resurrection and Ascension, the Father would send the promise of the Holy Spirit. He came on the day of Pentecost. 

The Holy Spirit falls on them. They began to start praising God spontaneously in foreign tongues. And it lists in Acts chapter two, all the different nations, they all hear in their own language. They’re absolutely astounded at the sign. Remember it’s a combination of signs and the preached word. So it’s deeds and words. And so they are astounded at the sign of speaking in foreign languages, recognizing that these are Galileans predominantly and they’re Jews that do not know their language. And yet here they are speaking in their language the praises of God. 

Peter gives a sermon and it’s all about, Jesus. And we unpacked, that what we call the charisma, which was sort of Peter and Paul’s preaching about in the book of Acts Jesus.

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