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10. Acts 1-9

Well, hello everybody. We are in the Book of Acts on this video. I hope you’re enjoying reading the New Testament. We have gone through all four of the major gospels, and now we are in the historical book of Acts before we get to the letters of Paul and the other epistles in the remainder of the New Testament. 

So let’s pray, and invite the Holy Spirit to be with us as we read the book of Acts and then, we’ll spend some time lecturing through a few of the key points. 

“So Holy Spirit, we invite you to come with us. We invite you to lead us and to speak and open the scriptures to us. I pray that you give us new understanding that you’d stir our hearts and our spirit that your power would fall on us. As we read Acts, since it’s all about the power of God, rusting on people to empower the church, to do the works of Jesus. We thank you for our time together in the book of Acts in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

So if you’ve not done, so what you need to do before you listen to the lectures on this particular video is to read your study Bible intro on Acts. And then in addition, I want you to read Acts chapter 1 all the way through Acts chapter 9. 

That will be the first major segment of our lecture notes in Acts. And it will be talking about a theology of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament related to this. So, go ahead and do that. Take some time, that’s nine chapters. I’m guessing you’ll need an hour and a half, two hours to read to make sure you’re taking notes in your student notes manual or on your computer as you’re working with it. 

But I want you to be really praying through and thinking through the scripture, again, most of your learning is going to come through what you get by the power of the Holy Spirit. As you actually read the scriptures themselves, the lecture is meant to sort of tie some things together. It’s not the main learning. The main learning will be you and the Holy Spirit, your relationship with Jesus, how it draws you deeper to Jesus, all of those kinds of things. So go ahead, pause the video here, spend some time reading those first nine chapters of Luke, and then when you’re ready, appropriate in your schedule, then listen to the lecture notes on those chapters. 

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