About Dr. Peter Young

Dr. Peter J. Young is the Senior Pastor of BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO. He is also an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary, the Global Awakening Theological Seminary, and a Bible instructor at the Global Awakening College of Ministry and the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry. Peter is also the apostolic leader of The Aspen Family, a relational network of leaders and pastors.

He has taught through the Bible chapter by chapter for over 20 years. Peter is a gifted visionary leader, pastor, revelatory teacher, and apostolic leader. He has strong gifts in both the Word and Spirit traditions, enabling him to walk in both realms with ease.

He practices a signs and wonders ministry and encourages the manifest Presence of God and the Kingdom realities in all aspects of life. His passion is seeing people released into their full potential through understanding their identity in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.