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Ministry of the Kingdom of God, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit.

about dr. peter young

Dr. Young is a leader of leaders and father of fathers. His call is to train people in the ministry of the Kingdom, broker Revival, empower others in the Holy Spirit, train God’s people in the revelatory understanding of God’s Word, and challenge people to reach their full potential.

Dr. Young is the Senior Pastor of BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO. He is also an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary and the Global Awakening Theological Seminary and a Bible instructor at the Global Awakening College of Ministry.

The kingdom

Dr. Young’s primary call is to train people in the ministry of the Kingdom of God. He trains and equips the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The Word

Dr. Young is passionate about God’s Word and has taught through the Bible chapter by chapter for over 20 years.

The spirit

Dr. Young practices and teaches a signs and wonders ministry and encourages the manifest Presence of God and the Kingdom realities.

the church

Dr. Young is a gifted visionary, pastor, revelatory teacher, and apostolic leader who mentors church leaders around the world.

Online Courses & Books

Dr. Young teaches locally and internationally on leadership, the Kingdom, the Father’s heart, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He teaches a revelatory survey of the Bible chapter by chapter. He is a professor at Denver Seminary, the Global Awakening Theological Seminary, and the Global Awakening College of Ministry.

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